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Our home and workshop are located in the central part of Lithuania, in an old manor of Sliziai. We started milling roots and acorns four years ago, and during those years managed to bring Lithuanian cultural heritage to the shelves of the biggest local supermarkets.




Acorn, dandelion, chicory, carrot and barley coffees, and herbal infusions have always been a big part of our traditional gastronomy until the middle of the XX century and are now regaining popularity as an alternative to a speedy caffeine-run culture.

manor in nature
kulinarijos paveldas
DVARO KAVOS (MANOR COFFEE) is a family business located in a rural region in Lithuania. The founder Victoria, with a degree in medieval history, is on a quest to rediscover long-forgotten, gourmet caffeine-free coffee & tea as well as create new blends.
bira kava
dvaro kavos lipdukas

Our quality recipes combine traditional herbalism and a modern approach to body & mind health, together with the demands of great taste. Temperatures of roasting, time of planting, and mixing of complementing ingredients are artfully practiced to optimise flavour and beneficial effect.

tvari pakuotė
stiprus imunitetas
Sustainability is not just a trendy word

As the effects of climate change intensify, the desire to consume more local produce naturally arises. Only by knowing the habitats of the flowers, seeds and roots collected, even if collected yourself, can you confidently say how natural, clean and high-quality it is.


Not counting the exotic spices, the farthest place from where our products come is the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine, where we are happy to have found the highest quality fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium).

lime infusion package
mieziu kava berama i indeli

With no excess accumulation on the shelves, the product is of the freshest roasting or drying, and the transport volumes are also the most optimal, so everyone wins.

Our product packaging is of minimalistic layering and of the highest rate of recyclability available on the market.

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Reviving local gourmet stories for a conscious choice of everyday modern-world rituals!
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