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From the beginning, our team at DVARO KAVOS has been committed to growing the business in the most sustainable and conscious manner possible. We aim to honour both traditions and the profound needs of today's society.

Local materials

We chose to source exclusively from Baltic region farms and herbalists, offering fresher, locally sourced products. Our experience showed that sourcing local raw materials was more challenging than initially anticipated. As our production volumes grew, the temptation to import larger quantities from countries with extensive organic cultivation became apparent. However, we decided against it due to the environmental impact of transportation and the loss of a direct connection with growers. This approach not only supports small-scale producers but also fosters personal relationships and a deeper understanding of our products' origins. Also, there is a unique pleasure in enjoying a coffee made from acorns gathered from the dearest places such as Labanoras forest.

Seasonal production

We adhere to the rhythm of the seasons, a fundamental principle in our production process. This approach is intuitive, given that our production aligns with the harvest seasons when nature yields its bounty in the meadows, forests, and fields during summer and autumn.

Our products, always freshly roasted or dried, capture the essence of the recently passed warm seasons. Our commitment to sustainability guides us to grow responsibly and produce only what is necessary, thereby avoiding surplus stock.

By steering away from overproduction and attuning our production to market demand, we also optimize transportation. This strategy ensures both operational efficiency and minimal waste, reflecting our dedication to sustainable practices.

Sustainable packaging

We take great pride in the results of our dedicated search for packaging that is not only sustainable and practical, and shipped from a nearby manufacturer, but also delightful to the touch. During our journey, we have entirely eliminated plastic, opting instead for the most recyclable options available. This choice also ensures the lasting freshness of our coffees and herbal teas. Furthermore, we have designed our wine-paper labels to be versatile, seamlessly adapting to various packaging styles. This approach has proven to be both cost-effective and efficient.

Our larger packaging options have been well-received not only by restaurants and hotels but also by private households. Buying in bulk is cost-effective and reduces packaging waste. All our beverages are family-friendly and have a two-year shelf life, ensuring they are enjoyed to the last drop. The positive health benefits of our products are best realized through consistent use, allowing the body to adapt to their absorption. It is also important to note that when enjoying herbal teas, it is advisable to take a break every few weeks.

Recently, we have introduced a sampler box, enabling our customers to explore and find their favourite products before committing to full-size packages. This initiative represents a stride towards minimizing food waste and fostering more informed purchasing decisions, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle for our customers.

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