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About us

DVARO KAVOS ("Manor coffees") is a family business located in a rural region in Lithuania. The founder Victoria, with a degree in medieval history, is on a quest to rediscover long-forgotten and create new gourmet caffeine-free tastes of coffee & tea culture of Northeastern Europe.

Acorn, chicory, dandelion, carrot, and barley coffees are becoming the more and more popular choice for healthy pleasure. Herbal teas and wellness teas serve perfectly for creating individual everyday routines for self-care.


Quality of the product recipes includes both traditional herbalism and the modern approach to body & mind health together with the demands of a great taste. Temperatures of roasting, time of plant picking, and combining complementing ingredients become the art of flavour and beneficial effect.

​DVARO KAVOS - reviving local gourmet stories for a conscious choice of everyday modern world rituals!

Drop a message +37060427991


The loose tea and coffee substitute products of DVARO KAVOS are designed to meet the needs of HoReCa. We are open to wholesale opportunities and co-manufacturing.


Hand-picked leaves and blooms, roasted roots, and seeds are managed and distributed most sustainably: base ingredients are collected only in the Baltic region, and are packed only by a precise demand to ensure the best quality and avoid any excessive production. The packaging used is of the highest recyclable rate available on the market.

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