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Come to enjoy!

Starting in the late spring of 2024, we are open for tea-tasting visits at our old Sliziai manor.

We invite you to find peace under our old linden trees. The smell of freshly roasted and brewed coffee will introduce you to the delicious traditions of the Eastern North.

Those who are more into blooms will be offered a cup of slow-dried herbal infusion. inspiring them to know more about old, culturally interwind, ways of a healthy way of living.

kulinarijos paveldas

Families, coworkers, tourist groups and foreign guests - everyone is most welcome, we only ask you to make an appointment in advance.


We will introduce you to the full process of our production: from the plant picking to brewing. Dig the root, pick a bloom, and feel the connection between the living plant and the product.

Let's explore flavours, the particularities of brewing, the effects of milk & sweeteners, and so much more.. Finding authentic traditional herbal recipes complying with modern science data and principles is an amazing discovery.


Over a cup of delicious drink, we share what we enjoy ourselves - the gourmet secrets of the old times and the exciting history of this region, maybe we'll even show you examples of the local volcanic rock left by a huge meteorite.

Our manor is a part of "A guided tour: A ring of manors in Ukmergė district”.

contact us

We kindly ask you to wait for our confirmation - an invitation will be sent after having talked it through and setting the date and time.

Great! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have questions or need an urgent reply, give us a call:

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