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Let's cooperate!

Order some natural flavour for your business

We do not judge our clients by their size. Our cute colourful boxes of joy will brighten up any shelf and curious client of every little boutique, downtown coffee shop or giant supermarket.

We are open to B2B partnerships:
  • We are open to wholesale opportunities and co-manufacturing.

  • The loose tea and coffee substitute products of DVARO KAVOS are designed to meet the needs of HoReCa. Our acorn latte and dandelion frappe would enrich any menu. We also will recommend which of our teas look best in a glass.

  • Business gift ideas: find our roots, bloom and seeds tea&coffee sets, together with the sweet products from our partners. A cute retro design of the '30s makes a perfect coming-home gift from Lithuania.

Fill out the form below or simply drop as a word or +37060427991



Thank you for your inquiry! We will get back as soon as possible.

If you have more questions or would like to get the answer sooner, please call us: +37060427991

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